Market Report for
Monday, March 20, 2017

Feeder Cattle sold Dollars Higher.

Weigh-Up Cows sold Higher.
Cows sold Mainly:  $63.00 to $72.00
High Yielding Cows & Feeding Cows sold Mainly: $70.00to$75.00
Fat Cows sold Mainly:  $73.00 to $77.00
Heiferettes and Young cows sold Mainly:  $81.00 to $91.00
Weigh-Up Bulls sold mainly:  $93.00 to $102.00


Steers:   Lbs. Per/CWT
Middle River Blk strs 390lbs. $172.00
Edgeley Blk strs 437lbs. 172.00
Ft. Ransom Blk strs 500lbs. 164.00
Lisbon Blk strs 546lbs. 161.00
Forbes Blk strs 662lbs. 152.25
Grenville Blk strs 679lbs. 150.50
Mansfield Blk strs 650lbs. 147.00
Nisland Blk strs 645lbs. 146.50
Mellette Mix strs 688lbs. 145.00
Wetonka Blk strs 680lbs. 145.00
Milnor Mix strs 670lbs. 141.50
New York Mill Blk strs 679lbs. 141.50
Westport Mix strs 691lbs. 141.25
Hosmer Mix strs 708lbs. 141.25
Forbes Blk strs 775lbs. 140.25
Lisbon Mix strs 729lbs. 139.75
Webster Red strs 733lbs. 139.25
Faulkton Blk strs 730lbs. 138.75
Wilmot Blk strs 730lbs. 137.50
Langford Blk strs 750lbs. 137.00
Middle River Mix strs 758lbs. 135.50
Milnor Mix strs 769lbs. 135.25
cresbard Mix strs 754lbs. 135.00
Wilmot Blk strs 848lbs. 130.00
Hosmer Mix strs 841lbs. 129.50
Lisbon Blk strs 844lbs. 129.50
Hosmer Mix strs 826lbs. 129.50
New York Mill Mix strs 811lbs. 128.50
Cresbard Mix strs 928lbs. 126.00
Leola Blk strs 889lbs. 125.50
Webster Blk strs 889lbs. 125.25
Aberdeen Bwf strs 920lbs. 125.00
Langford Blk strs 983lbs. 124.75
Milnor Char strs 923lbs. 123.25
Roslyn Red strs 975lbs. 123.00
Hecla Char strs 1249lbs. 122.30
Britton Mix strs 1119lbs. 120.75
Hecla Char strs 1053lbs. 120.25
Heifers:   Lbs. Per/CWT


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