West Hwy 12    Aberdeen, SD 

Monday, October 18, 2021
Special Yearling Sale

Weigh-Up Cows and Bulls: 8:00 a.m.

Cow/Calf Pairs and Bred Cows-N/A

Yearlings 12:00 Noon

Yearlings: Lbs/Shots:
500 Hereford strs 900-950lbs-off grass
250 blk/red strs 850-950lbs-off grass
220 blk hfrs 850-925lbs-off grass
200 blk spayed hfrs 850-900lbs-off grass
120 home raised blk strs 700-825lbs-off grass
95 blk strs 800-850lbs-off grass
40 blk strs 700-800lbs-off grass
30 home raised blk hfrs 700-800lbs-off grass
30 blk/red hfts 850-925lbs-off grass
30 blk/red strs 775-825lbs-off grass
30 blk yrlngs 800-850lbs-off grass
29 blk/red strs 750-850lbs-off grass
20 blk/red hfrs 625-700lbs-off grass
15 blk hfrs 850-900lbs-off grass
Spring Calves:  
200 blk str clvs 775-825lbs. sp,fs,w 60 days
20 blk/red clvs 350-450lbs, sp,fs,w 60 days
Fat Cattle:  
Exposed Cows:  
Cow/Calf Pairs:  
Bred Heifers & Bred Cows:  



(sp)=spring shots  (fs)=fall shots  (w)=weaned  (b)=booster  (bv)=bangs vaccinated  (df)=drug free  (hr)=home raised  (ni)=no implants





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