W. Hwy 12 Aberdeen, SD  57402

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Special Feeder Cattle Sale

Weigh-Up Cows and Bulls: 9:00 a.m.
Feeder Cattle: 12:00 Noon



180 Blk Strs 3 loads 925-950lbs.sp,fs,w
120 Blk Strs 2 loads 975-1025lbs.sp,fs,w
120 Blk Strs load 700-750lbs.sp,fs,w
85 Blk Clvs 550-750lbs.sp,fs,w
70 Blk Charx Clvs 850-950lbs.sp,fs,w
60 Blk Charx Clvs 550-700lbs.sp,fs,w,df
50 Blk Lim/Ang Clvs 600-750lbs.sp,fs,w,df
55 Blk Ang Strs 650-750lbs.sp,fs,w
50 Blk Clvs 550-650lbs.sp,fs,w
20 CharX Strs 800-1000lbs.sp,fs,w
20 Red Clvs 19 strs 1 hfr 700-850lbs.sp,fs,w
Replacement Hfrs:  
65 Blk Ang Replacement Hfrs 800-850lbs.sp,fs,w,bv
50 Blk Sim Ang Hfrs 775-825lbs.sp,fs,w,bv
40 Blk Sim/Ang Hfrs  800-850lbs.sp,fs,w,bv
45 Blk Ang Hfrs 900lbs.sp,fs,w,bv
22 CharX Replacement Hfrs 800-850lbs.sp,fs,w,bv
Fat Cattle:  
42 Home Raised Blk Fat Strs no implants 1400-1450lbs.
More to come Sale Day!  

(sp)=spring shots  (fs)=fall shots  (w)=weaned  (b)=booster  (BV)=Bangs Vaccinated  (df)=drug free  (HR)=Home Raised





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