Special Bred Heifer and Bred Cow Sale

Saturday January 23rd, 2021

Bred Cows 12:00 Noon

Bred Cows/Heifers

Bred Cow/ Bred Heifer Bred To Calving Start Date
100 Fancy Blk Hfrs (ultrasounded)

Blk Angus Calving ease Bull Connealy Comrade

March 1-15th and March 16-April 2nd

105 Fancy Blk Hfrs


Blk Angus easy Calving Bulls 12 day Calving period Feb 25th to March 9th 
Age Dispersion of 80 Very Fancy Blk Cows (ultrasounded) Blk Angus & Blk Sim March 15th will be grouped into 15 day calving periods
Age Dispersion of 75 Blk Solid Mouth  Cows All cows same age Blk Angus April 20th
45 Fancy Blk 2nd and 3rd calving cows Black March 1st for 60 days
20 Blk Cows Hereford March 10th for 60 days

20 Home raised Blk Hfrs

Closed Herd

Blk Angus Calving ease Bulls March 5th for 42 Days Ultra sounded, sexed
12 Blk Hfrs Blk Angus Calving ease Bulls March 10th
 30 Red Angus Hfrs Bred Red Angus Calving ease bulls Ultra sounded Calving April 10th for 20 days
Age Dispersion  125 Blk and Charx Cows Bred Blk Sim Angus Broken Mouth Cows Calving April 23rd for 60 days  50 young cows Calving June 20th
40 Broken Mouth Blk Cows  Bred Blk Sim/Ang Calving April 20th for 60 days
35 Charx Cows  Bred Blk Sim/Ang

Calving April 20th for 60 Days

25 Blk Cows 2nd to 4th calf Bred Blk Sim/Ang  Calving June 20th
25 Blk Cows 5th /6th Calf Bred Blk Sim Ang Calving June 20th
6 Red Ang Cows 2nd/3rd Calf Bred Red Ang Calving April 1st
25 Blk Cows Blk Ang March 16th
15 Char X Hfrs Blk Ang March 1st



































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